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At Agile Accelerator, we provide outstanding scaled agile training for every need in the SAFe methodology. Our trainers are SAFe certified professionals with 40+ years of combined industry experience. We ensure that our SAFe trainings are held to the highest standards and our feedback is 4 stars and above. 


See below for our trainer profiles and checkout our SAFe trainings and business agility consulting programs.



Agile Coach and Transformation lead at AgileAccelerator


Founder, Agile Transformation Consultant and Enterprise Agile Coach

Jay is an experienced agile transformation consultant and coach. He has experience in delivering software projects especially in financial domains (Investment Banking, Wealth and Retail) and played pivotal role to deliver value across domains through scaled agile transformation. He has executed agile transformation using scaled frameworks such as SAFe, Scrum@Scale(SaS), Spotify and Disciplined Agile (DA).


He is a Certified SAFe SPC 6.0, ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coach (ICP-ACC) and a practitioner of SAFe, Scrum, Kanban and Lean Portfolio Management. Training and working with professional across industry helped him to draw parallels and 

Agile Coach and Transformation Lead at AgileAccelerator


Founder, Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant

Paul Stavrakis is an experienced senior agile transformation consultant, executing enterprise agile and programs. He has led three agile transformations for large organizations in the last two years. He has experience in formulating and executing a scaled agile transformation strategy using SAFe and other scaling frameworks like Scrum@scale.​

He is a SAFe SPC 6.0, and a practitioner of SAFe, PI Planning, Lean, Kanban, Scrum. He is also a trained RMT Coach (Tony Robbins’ training organisation) and an NLP Master Practitioner. Most of his experience is in coaching and mentoring executives, agile coaches, scrum master and agile teams. His understanding of scaling frameworks like SAFe and S@S, and Spotify helps the participants to have a comparison between them and choose the most suitable framework for their organizations need. He is also an expert on the psychology of change.

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